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If you haven’t looked at AutoHotKey ( I strongly recommend you do, it is one of the best windows automation/scripting tools I have used. I would find my PCs much harder to use and my job more tedious without it.

I currently have a number simple hot keys and text expansions setup to;

  • Add any of my signatures in emails
  • Expand a number of common phrases e.g. bsm# -> business systems mangers
  • Expand initials to correct names
  • Type commonly used emails from a simple mnemonic
  • Correct common spelling mistakes
  • Swap Selected text with contents of the keyboard

and many more. I use Outlook 2010 at work and make use of the tagging and categorising of emails to manage my tasks. One annoyance of this is that if you gend up with to many categories you always have to open the All Categories dialog to select any not on the recently used list on the right mouse click.

To address this I have added a new little script as below.

    if ErrorLevel
        SetTitleMatchMode 2
        IfWinExist, Unread Mail
            WinActivate, Unread Mail
            SendInput {Shift}+{F10}
            SendInput ta
            WinWait Color Categories

This allows me to select any email using the mouse or keyboard and hit WIN->C and start typing the name of the category. Not a big thing but it makes like easier. WIN->at would achieve the same thing of course but I prefer this option as it can be used from anywhere.

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