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Computers are very good at dull, repetitive tasks, humans less so. I am slightly less tolerant of the dull and repetitive than average so get great enjoyment from eliminating the dull where I can and enhancing the rest as much as possible with tricks, scripts and shortcuts.

Over the (many) years I have worked with computers I have used a number of scripting and automation technologies and thought I would share some of the scripts and techniques in case they are of interest or helpful.


One of the most powerful tools for windows is AutoHotKey. If you are not familiar with it, AutoHotKey is a Macro tool that allows you to really customise and automate your computer.

From the simplest replacement e.g. every time you type ys# it is replaced with

Yours sincerely

to more complex scripts that, for example, allow you to manage text based todo lists or enter any date and how you want it formated by selecting it from a small popup dialog that appears when you type Win + Alt + d or cdd (Choose Date Dialog).

I’ll write up the scripts, why I use them and how they work in what are, to me, logical sections. There is lots of help online and on the AutoHotKey site (

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to add them below the relevant post.

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